Still Photography (Note 1): As many photographs as required to comprehensively represent the property are taken (with a minimum of twenty-five). Every 6016 x 4016 pixel (~24MB) Camera-RAW image is individually subjected to professional post-production to optimize composition, perspective, lighting and geometry. The finalized photo gallery collection is re-sized for optimum internet marketing and MLS listings and provided to the client via Cloud storage within 24 to 48 hours.

PAP – Pole Aerial Photography (Note 2): PAP is offered as an option providing photography remotely executed atop a platform 10 to 30 feet in the air. These elevated perspectives provide dramatic views particularly effective when properties are situated on uneven ground or overlooking adjacent pools, lake, ocean, or mountain views or other notable property composition enhancements.

High Definition – HD Video (Note 3): Video presentations are 4 to 10 minutes (or more) in length providing a comprehensive, dynamic, “living” overview of the property. Each video generally includes “drive-up,” “walk-up,” and “walk-through” segments. Nothing provides a true “look and feel” for a listing comparable to 4YourInfo Productions’ HD video integrated with our professional photo gallery. The video is produced with accompanying background music and optionally with a voiceover to accentuate property assets and distinctions.

YouTube Channel (Note 4): YouTube is the second most-utilized search engine (behind Google) and is revolutionizing how customers are researching their prospective homes. 4YourInfo Productions will upload a copy of the HD Video to our authorized YouTube Channel including customized marketing information and linkages to websites and listing agents.

Virtual Staging (Note 5):  We offer optional virtual staging services! With our sophisticated software and workflow, we are able to provide virtually staged images for half the cost of our competitors to our “Premium Package” customers. Our virtual staging is ideal for vacant and new construction listings. Important: Virtual staging assignments require special camera, lens and perspective adjustments. If you contract for an assignment requiring virtual staging, to obtain optimal results, we must receive instructions in advance regarding which rooms and from what perspective the virtual staging photograph(s) should be taken. Thank you.

Custom Subdomain Websites: 4YourInfo Productions employs a proprietary real estate marketing platform that efficiently melds professional photography with professional HD video. The package includes the most dominant CMS (content management system), WordPress, with a template providing an extremely flexible platform and workflow solution that includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). The client may link the website via their MLS and If the client is a “Showcase Member” of, 4YourInfo Productions will perform the linkage at no additional charge. Please view our “Samples” to gain an overview of the various page and content options.

Premium Packages: 4YourInfo Productions “Premium Packages” integrate photography, videography, and website options at a substantial savings versus “a la carte” component pricing. The primary difference between package “A” versus “B” is the latter includes a voiceover option for the HD Video.

Please contact us with any questions. 4YourInfo Productions is always striving for cutting-edge enhancements and challenges. Custom packages and scopes-of-supply are available for development upon request.